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News from EP Sales

Update to the Greentek Line of Commercial HRVs and ERVs
EP Sales Inc. is happy to announce an update to the Greentek line of commercial HRVs and ERVs Both Greentek[...]
EP Sales Now Representing GREE
EP Sales is pleased to announce that we are now representing Gree, the world’s largest specialized air conditioning manufacturer. In[...]
EP Sales Now Stocking Greentek IAQ Products
EP Sales is pleased to announce that we are now representing and currently stocking the Greentek brand of heat recovery ventilators,[...]

About EP Sales, Inc

EP Sales, Inc. was started in 1998 in Bloomington, MN. The original business plan evolved around an increasing need for ventilation solutions that started in the residential housing market back in the 1980’s. The introduction of vapor barriers and higher R-values in exterior walls in new construction homes significantly reduced energy consumption and our country’s insatiable demand and reliance on foreign oil. Unfortunately, these changes in construction practices caused repercussions which led to serious indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in new construction homes. Eventually, building codes evolved and ventilation requirements were adopted to address these IAQ issues. The owners, Dave Ponschok and Bob Eddy, saw an opportunity for a whole-house ventilation product called an air exchanger or HRV.That first product line soon grew to include an expanded offering of other HVAC products which today also includes hydronics heating products and accessories.

What Others Say

“EP Sales found a niche in the market where electric co-ops offer dual energy rates. They found out that we previously manufactured products for this niche and worked with us to incorporate changes necessary for use in the northern part of the US. EP Sales did an amazing job back then and continue to do a great job for us today. What I really like about what they do is they bring new ideas to the table.....they are our eyes in their markets and we adapt to their needs when the opportunity makes good business sense.

Knowing their market and backing it up with excellent technical expertise makes our job here at the factory a lot easier. They have good people working for them…….their outstanding sales performance over the last eighteen years speaks for itself. They are our best reps.”

Renato Trentin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing-Thermolec

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EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.