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Get To Know Us

EP Sales is a stocking Rep. We maintain a large inventory of Thermolec, Greentek|Imperial Grop and other products and parts to service our customer’s needs.

Get to Know Us

EP Sales, Inc. is a stocking HVAC rep located in Bloomington, MN. Our primary markets include the states of MN, WI, ND, SD, IA and the UP of MI.  We maintain a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek|Imperial Group products, accessories and parts to service our stocking distributor customers’ needs.  We also inventory hydronic products such as ECR/Dunkirk gas boilers and indirect tanks, AquaMotion circulators and recirculation systems and Sentinel water treatment products.


EP Sales, Inc. was started in 1998 in Bloomington, MN.  The original business plan evolved around an increasing need for ventilation solutions that started in the residential housing market back in the 1980’s.  The introduction of vapor barriers and higher R-values in exterior walls in new construction homes significantly reduced energy consumption and our country’s insatiable demand and reliance on foreign oil.  Unfortunately, these changes in construction practices caused repercussions which led to serious indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in new construction homes.  Eventually, building codes evolved and ventilation requirements were adopted to address these IAQ issues. The owners, Dave Ponschok and Bob Eddy, saw an opportunity for a whole-house ventilation product called an air exchanger or HRV. That first product line soon grew to include an expanded offering of other HVAC products which today also includes hydronic heating products and accessories.

The “EP” in EP Sales stands for Eddy and Ponschok, the owners’ last names. Bob Eddy and Dave Ponschok aren’t your typical businessmen. The two met in college at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Both were captains of the football team.  Dave recalls a mentor once saying, “The number one rule is to never start a business with your friend, but we did it anyway, and it has worked.” Both agree they work well together and each brings something different and valuable to the table. Eighteen years later, the two manage a talented team of employees that share the same business philosophy and commitment to customer service.

EP Sales prides themselves in taking care of the customer at all levels. Bob says, “We make the effort to do whatever we can to answer questions and solve problems.  We have a basic principle to do what we say we’re going to do, which is not a common opinion associated with rep companies in our industry”.  Contractors in need of technical support can reach a live person at any time on any day of the week (with the exception of holidays and Packer/Viking games, a rivalry obvious to anyone that stops by their office).   With the entire EP Sales team committed to customer service, they often hear compliments from their customers about their willingness to do what it takes to provide a badly needed product or part or to call a contractor looking for assistance on troubleshooting one of their products in the field.  EP Sales has a reputation of being accessible and taking care of the contractor.   Dave says, “When a contractor is frustrated because something isn’t working right, we help them identify the problem so they can move on to the next job or call it a day and get home to their family.  Contractors can count on us to be there for them.” Bob adds, “Contractors come up to us all the time at trade shows and tell us about how one of our employees helped them through a tough spot. We get a lot of positive feedback on our service and we take pride in that achievement.”

That “service mentality” is what has kept them successful all these years. Bob and Dave also know that it’s what you do tomorrow that will determine their continued success, “We love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way.”  Bob says, “Our biggest accomplishment is still being in business after starting from scratch 18 years ago”.  Dave adds, “we’re grateful for the overall success we’ve experienced over the years and none of it would be possible without the dedicated employees we’ve had working with us.”


EP Sales is dedicated to growing our business with our vendor partners.  We distinguish ourselves from other rep organizations by our willingness to engage the support of the dealer/contractor to ensure that we attain the sales and service results our vendors expect of us.  We are always interested in considering additional product lines that offer a fair return on our investment of time, effort and expense for the effective representation we provide.

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EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.