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AquaMotion was created with the vision of designing the most energy efficient, high performance, sustainable circulator line on the market.

The Company developed the revolutionary Green ECO-Cartridge™ Design which is the heart of every circulator and contains all moving parts. It is the only field replaceable and field serviceable cartridge on the market. Competitive manufacturers have to replace their entire cartridge and motor assembly or pump, increasing the foot print on the environment and doubling the cost to the consumer. With an AquaMotion pump, you can simply pull out the rotor assembly, flush the cartridge and reinstall it. It’s that simple, cost effective, and patented. This design also prevents black iron oxide and contaminants from entering into the cartridge. AquaMotion has the lowest power consumption of any PSC motor and the lowest power consumption of any ECM pump on the market.

AquaMotionHot One and Two are hot water re-circulation systems that deliver instant hot water as soon as the faucet is turned on. AquaMotionHot One is for homes without a dedicated re-circulation line and uses a built in temperature sensor/switch to ensure that the pump only runs when water temperature begins to cool. AquaMotionHot One annual operating cost is as low as $2 per year while maintaining instant hot water at the faucet.  AquaMotionHot Two re-circulation system uses a temperature sensor and optional digital timer to keep hot water instantly available throughout the system. You will never wait for hot water again.

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