EP Sales Now Stocking Greentek IAQ Products

EP Sales is pleased to announce that we are now representing and currently stocking the Greentek brand of heat recovery ventilators, accessories and parts in our Bloomington, MN warehouse.

Through extensive research and development and innovative engineering, Greentek has introduced Energy Star listed HRV’s with the following unique features

  1. Single person mounting: Integral and variable/adjustable mounting system allows for one person mounting and easy leveling.
  2. Insert slide and fix collar system: Allows for easier duct connection to collar and then to the HRV for a better and quicker installation.
  3. High performance motorized impellers: quiet, maintenance free and warrantied for 10 years.
  4. DuoTrol balancing system: Balancing by varying motor speed is easy, quieter than balancing with dampers and results in less energy used.

The combination of Greentek’s unique mounting and duct collar systems results in easier and faster installation of the unit including the hard pipe and insulated flex ductwork connections.  One person can install the unit in less time than competitor’s units resulting in field labor savings and a more professional looking installation.

The DuoTrol speed control system results in easier balancing of the unit and quieter operation.  Competitor’s damper balancing causes unnecessary air noise.  Greentek’s variable fan speed control balancing is overall more effective and results in lower fan motor amp draw, saving overall energy usage.

Greentek’s residential lineup is available for applications from 30 cfm to 250 cfm.  Light commercial units are available from 300 cfm to 1200 cfm.  All units are available with either heat recovery (HRV) or energy recovery (ERV) cores.  What is the difference between an HRV and an ERV cores?  HRVs and ERVs are similar devices in that both supply and exhaust air to and from a home/building while recovering energy from the exhaust air stream in the process. The primary difference between the two is that an HRV transfers heat while an ERV transfers both heat and moisture.

Accessories include digital and mechanical remote wall controls, wall hoods and diffusers, all in stock at EP Sales.

Please give us a call with your next residential or light commercial HRV or ERV job.  We can assist with design and application as well other products that will complement your ventilation project.

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.