Residential Makeup Air Now Required by Code

Did you know that most states require makeup air be provided when a home has a large range hood exhaust system?  Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code Chapter 1346 bases it’s requirement on the cfm of the range hood exhaust and the type of combustion appliances in the home.  In other states the International Residential Code applies and it’s threshold is 400 cfm or larger.

Meeting these code requirements has been simplified by Thermolec’s FER and NER model makeup air units.  Both include a filter, backdraft damper, speed controllable fan and modulating electric heating section.  These units come with a current sensing relay so when the range exhaust fan draws amps, the makeup air unit fan starts automatically.  These units are a simple and easy way for the installer to meet the makeup air requirements of the code as well as an effective way to provide tempered outdoor air for other light commercial applications.

EP Sales stocks both the FER and NER.  Click on the Thermolec tab for more information or give us a call and we can help apply these quality products to your next job.

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