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No Finger Pointing

At EP Sales, our number one priority is taking care of our customers.  Contractors in need of technical support can reach a live person to assist them in troubleshooting any of our products.  When a contractor calls us looking for technical support it’s quite common for us to find out in the final analysis that our product was not the cause of the problem.   We like to refer to these types of situations as “going the extra mile” for our customers; an unwritten rule at EP Sales.  We take pride in our ability to resolve issues directly or at the very least, direct the caller to another resource that we are confident will provide the answers they’re seeking.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction than when a contractor stops by our booth at a trade show to say “thanks” for helping them resolve an issue that allowed them to move on to their next job.      

When you partner with EP Sales, you can feel confident that we will take care of your needs and not leave you or your customer hanging.  Give us an opportunity to help you. We’ll make sure that you’re not disappointed! 

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.