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Gas Detection

HVAC Analyzers

Since its inception, Seitron has been active in thermoregulation, with regulators for solar systems and wireless thermostats. Over time, it has extended its scope to the field of gas safety and portable instrumentation, becoming the first Italian manufacturer of combustion analyzers.


SEITRON BE GREEN: a concrete commitment

We firmly believe in the Be Green philosophy as a way of thinking and living that has become a real added value in our enterprise. Environmental compliance begins within the Seitron production plant, where the processes are subject to continuous monitoring and improvement in terms of efficiency, energy savings and waste reduction. The path to sustainability is travelled in every corporate division. This includes recycling and reducing usage of paper in the office, eliminating single-use plastic during lunch and coffee breaks; using ecological packaging for new products, and the realization of the family of combustion analyzers without an integrated printer.


Right from the conception and design phase, we are constantly engaged in the search for solutions that can anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers, whilst also defining new applicative standards. Technology and innovation give rise to a complete and qualified professional offer, guaranteed by the IMQ Quality Mark. Our operating method follows strict protocols and checks without sacrificing creativity, ensuring the perfect combination of digital renewal and design.


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