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Rating of  Average of 4.83 on a total of 6 Ratings
Renato Trentin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Thermolec

"EP Sales found a niche in the market where electric co-ops offer dual energy rates. They found out that we previously manufactured products for this niche and worked with us to incorporate changes necessary for use in the northern part of the US. EP Sales did an amazing job back then and continue to do a great job for us today. I really like how they continue to bring new ideas to the table.....they are our eyes and ears in their markets and we adapt to their needs when the opportunity makes good business sense.

Knowing their market and backing it up with excellent technical expertise makes our job here at the factory a lot easier. They have good people working for them…….their outstanding sales performance over the last eighteen years speaks for itself.

Thanks so much for your help with all of this!"

Norm Arbogash, Heating Manager – AVFCO, Rhinelander, WI

“EP Sales has been very attentive to our needs, questions and/or concerns. Our sales rep, Jason, has been great to work with. We purchase multiple products from them and are likely to buy more in the future. EP Sales doesn’t leave things go for a day - I always hear back from them right away. That's very important.”

Ralph Leirmo, Heating Manager – First Supply, Eau Claire, WI

“When EP Sales picks a line they delve into it and make sure they know and understand it. They are willing to take the time to train our staff and are good at showing us the differences in their products compared to other competitive products. They research the products well before they actually take them on. That's a big plus for us. They are willing to train us and our dealer customers. EP Sales is easy to deal with as well.”

Jim Cambell, Heating Manager – Ferguson, Duluth, MN

“We do business with EP Sales for a number of reasons. They have a knowledgeable staff, they are willing to travel with our sales people, hold training sessions and work with us on issues we might be having and sales promotions. They're one of the better rep companies that are willing to work with us on an individual basis and don't seem to have an agenda that we need to be concerned about. They're willing to help when we need them and they're willing to go where and when we need them.”

Don Anderson, President – RHI Supply, Fargo, ND

“EP Sales does a very good job taking care of us as a customer, from making sure we're informed, to actually developing business for us. They are definitely at the top of rep agencies as far as doing what we expect and representing the products they have.

We're fortunate that EP Sales has a great rep in here in Fargo, ND. Kevin supports us by calling on contractors in the markets we serve and does a lot of extra things on our behalf. EP Sales has an inside team that takes care of things as well. I know that if I call them for something it's just a short time later (often within the same day), that someone from EP Sales will call back and make sure we're taken care of. EP Sales communicates well as a team and their product knowledge and service is very good.”

Chris Prochar, Owner – D&E Heating, Hinckley, MN

“There have been several instances where EP Sales has helped us on - mainly technical stuff. Different wiring problems in the field that we've had for various reasons, not always caused by a product they represent. I call several times a month and they’re very willing to help out. They're one of the few reps willing to go the extra mile. EP Sales won’t tell you, "we're on it" and then ignore you. They actually do help us resolve the problem.”

John Hopp, Product Manager – Express Central, Wadena, MN

“EP Sales is a good rep agency to deal with. They service the things they sell and take good care of us. If we have any problems they work with us to make sure things get resolved.

Our EP Sales rep, Kevin, is one of the top sales reps we deal with. We see him quite often. He comes in, goes over things with us and keeps us informed and up-to-date on everything.”

Craig Larson, Sales and Service Tech. – Proulx Rfg. Htg. and Appliance, Crookston, MN

“Whenever I call my EP Sales rep (Kevin), he takes care of me. I'm very satisfied. In fact, he's one of the best reps around. He is the only salesman from a rep company willing to call me directly; otherwise, I have to go through my wholesalers which takes extra time I don’t have. If I have an issue, he takes care of it.”

Gary Sorvig, President – St. Hilaire Supply, St. Hilaire, MN

"EP Sales is a quality rep agency with great product knowledge and customer support. Few companies match their dedication to their product lines. Few companies match their dedication to bringing their product lines to their prospective customers, and even fewer companies match their level of "in-house" knowledge and service support.
They are a great example of what all rep agencies should strive for."

Denny Skjonsby owner-Northern Pines P & H.

"Can’t say enough about the EP Sales rep, Kevin......he’s great. He knows his products, takes the time to educate us and he’s always just a phone call away. I’m not very computer literate so I probably rely on the personal service support I get from reps and distributors more so than other contractors. Parts availability and tech support are priceless to us and EP Sales and RHI do a great job on both.”

Les Iseminger
Happy Homeowner

Dear Dave,
Thanks so much for your help. This day and age I wasn’t expecting anything. I couldn’t believe you called me back and helped me out. It was a total surprise. Hopefully this takes care of the problem. It’s really nice having the in-floor heat and we really enjoy it.

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.