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Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Thermolec has been in the business of designing and manufacturing electric heating products since 1973.   Thermolec is an industry leader in supplying heating equipment to manufacturers, distributors and contractors throughout North America and has customers on all seven continents.   Knowing their customers are typically working under tight deadlines, Thermolec currently utilizes two streamlined manufacturing facilities to assemble and ship their products to customers in a timely fashion.  Over the last 25 years, Thermolec has expanded their product offering to include various residential electric heating products for forced air and hydronic heating systems.


Custom Electric Duct Heaters

Thermolec specializes in providing high quality equipment for the residential, commercial and industrial HVAC industry. In the beginning, Thermolec’s main focus was custom electric duct heaters designed for use in forced air commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Applications vary from a partial or auxiliary heating function to being the primary heat source in a building. Units are available in any size configuration up to 144” x 96” and up to 1,000 Kw (3,412,000 BTU). Each unit is custom designed to meet the most stringent CSA safety requirements. Standard open coil element electric duct heaters are designed to work in any forced air and HVAC system. They can be used as either a building’s primary or auxiliary heating system, and are manufactured for any size ductwork and for any voltage/phase configuration. Each unit is custom designed to meet the most stringent CSA safety requirements.

If an application has unique conditions such as combustible dust, high humidity or exposure to a corrosive atmosphere, Thermolec can provide heaters with tubular elements that are specifically made for the increased protection needed in these applications. Using the highest quality components, Thermolec electric duct heaters are built to last.

Electric Boilers (Models FFB and TMB)

Used in hydronic systems in lieu of LP gas or fuel oil and in applications where a simple, effective and low cost heat source is essential. Ideal for whole-hose applications as well as additions, garages, sheds and snow melt projects. For just about any hydronic heating system, Thermolec boilers are light-weight, compact and require no venting.

Electric Plenum Heaters (Models Standard and HPX)

Used with forced air furnaces and air source heat pumps where duel fuel electric rates are offered by local utility companies. Allows homeowners to take advantage of reduced electric rates in areas where LP gas is the predominant fuel used in heating systems.

Make-Up Air Units (Model FER and NER)

Used in applications where the International Residential Code or other local codes require fresh air for kitchen range hoods rated at 400 CFM or larger. The FER and NER cover up to 2,500 CFM and are capable of tempering outside air up to 100 ⁰ F.

Thermo-Air (Model TER)

Designed to maintain a set temperature in the ductwork, the TER is available in 6” – 12” round duct size and for any single phase electrical service. These units are equipped with an electronic air flow sensor, duct temperature sensor and are fully modulating (controlling the exact amount of heat needed to warm the air to a desired temperature), saving both energy and money.

Thermo-Zone (Model ZON)

Designed to maintain a set room temperature, available in the same kW and duct size as the TER, the ZON comes with a wall stat and is typically used for supplemental heat in a zoned heating systems when only a small amount of heat is needed to satisfy a specific area’s need for heat.

Steam Humidifiers (Models Acu-Steam and Split-Steam)

The most durable and effective residential steam humidifier in the market. Commercial grade design incorporates stainless steel components such as tank vessel, water supply tubes and steam diffusers. Multiple built-in safety devices are standard on all models. No need to annually replace tank or electrodes like the competition. Split-Steam model used for ductless heating systems.

Customer Service

Once you have purchased a Thermolec product, you can refer to this website for product flyers, installation instructions, technical specifications and maintenance manuals for all of their residential products.  Documents are in PDF format and can be printed or downloaded for future reference.

EP Sales Connection

Thermolec’s quality, competitive prices and short lead times make them the preferred brand for HVAC wholesale distributors and contractors throughout the US market.  EP Sales, Inc., located in Bloomington, MN, is Thermolec’s US Distributor Representative for residential products. EP Sales supports all US Thermolec distributors with a substantial inventory of electric boilers, plenum heaters, steam humidifiers, make-up air products, parts and accessories in our warehouse located in Bloomington, MN.  EP Sales also provides technical support in the US market for Thermolec’s residential products.  

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.