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Duct Heaters

Thermolec Duct Heater Model TER-ZON

The Thermo-Air (TER) and Thermo-Zone (ZON) electric duct heaters are unique to Thermolec. Both are available with 6” – 12” round duct connections and up to 12 kW of electric heat in single phase power. Both units come with an electronic airflow sensor and duct temperature sensor. The TER has a duct stat to control temperature in the duct. The ZON comes with a wall stat to control room temperature. Both units are fully modulating so only the right amount of energy is used to maintain temperature.

"TER is the most unique electric duct heater available"

Thermolec Custom Duct Heater

Thermolec is one of the top three custom duct heater manufacturers in North America. They can build any size and any configuration of electric duct heater. They specialize in open coil element heaters and have the shortest lead times in the industry. Thermolec’s advanced electronics give designers the superior option of modulating control at a staged heater price.

"Best quality duct heater with the shortest lead time"

Thermolec Electric Duct Heaters – The Perfect Solution

What’s the need?  Reheat for an HRV or ERV, preheat of fresh air to meet ASHRAE outdoor air requirements, tempering supply air for maximum comfort in a specific room or a multitude of other applications, in all instances, Thermolec has the right product for the need.  Thermolec’s advanced technology in airflow sensing, duct temperature sensing and element modulation maximizes efficiencies and has the capability to deliver precise heating to meet the most stringent requirements. Thermolec has built a reputation for same day quotes on custom heaters and lead times that are typically 10 days or less.  Choose Thermolec for your next project with electric duct heaters.

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.