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Makeup Air

Thermolec Makeup Air Model FER
Thermolec FER

The FER from Thermolec provide make-up air in 100, 300 and 600 cfm increments with temperature rise capabilities of up to 100°F. All FER units include a washable filter, back-draft damper, speed controllable fan and modulating electric heater. A current sensing relay is included to automatically start the MUA fan when the exhaust fan is energized.

“FER Model MUA automatically prevents back drafting of combustion devices”

Thermolec Makeup Air Model NER

The NER from Thermolec provide make-up air from 600 to 2,500 cfm with temperature rise capabilities of up to 75°F. NER units include a washable filter, back-draft damper, modulating electric heater and dry contact to start a remote fan. A current sensing relay is included to automatically start the MUA system when the exhaust fan is energized. EP Sales includes the remote fan and speed controller as part of an NER MUA package.

“NER Series is the best solution to meet MUA code requirements for large residential range hoods”

Thermolec Makeup Air Models – the Perfect Solution for Today’s Code Requirements

Current IRC and IECC codes require makeup air in residences that have a range hood exhaust fan capable of 400 cfm or larger. Minnesota code requires makeup air for 300 cfm or larger exhaust hoods. In cold climates, designers need to be aware of the additional heating load of 300 cfm or more of outdoor air on a typical winter day. If not handled properly, cold drafts, uneven temperatures and even frozen pipes can result from unconditioned makeup air.

Thermolec’s FER and NER models meet code requirements by automatically providing an equal amount of tempered outdoor air whenever the exhaust fan is turned on. When the fan is off, the backdraft damper shuts off the outdoor air intake, eliminating drafts.

Models FER and NER for Outdoor Air Applications?

ASHRAE and other commercial codes required for outdoor air are another excellent application for FER and NER units. Various cfm sizes assure the right amount of fresh air based on the application.  Tempering the outdoor air ensures that the building’s heating system does not get overloaded.

How Thermolec Makeup Air Units Work

The NER makeup air units come with electric heat coils that pre-heat incoming air up to 2,500 cfm, modulating the Btu load saving energy, protecting other pieces of equipment from exposure to undesirable cold temperatures and keeping spaces comfortable. The FER models come with built-in fans and are capable of providing up to 600 cfm of tempered fresh air for a home or business. NER models are available with optional remote fans capable of delivering up to 2,500 cfm with static pressures up to 1.0” WC.

Both FER and NER models include the following features:

  • Modulated Heat – ensures that Btu levels don’t exceed temperature settings. Modulation allows a heating device to use the minimum amount of energy needed to keep living space comfortable
  • Self-contained Cabinets – built-in modulating heating elements, backdraft damper, washable filter and speed controller
  • Duct Temperature Sensor – works in conjunction with the built-in modulated heat controller, providing the most optimal heating while saving energy. This sensor also automatically adjusts the Btu output to increases or decreases in airflow
  • Capable of up to 100⁰ Temperature Rise – effective for even the coldest climates
  • Freeze Protection – shuts down the makeup unit if high limit sensors are tripped
  • Current Sensing Relay – automatically starts the makeup air fan when exhaust fan is energized
  • Washable Filter – durable and reusable, saving money in the long run

Fresh Air Requirements for Commercial Buildings

Most commercial buildings and projects follow building codes that entail outside air requirements for various spaces such as stairwell and corridor ventilation in multi-family buildings, offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, mechanical rooms and many other interior spaces.  Thermolec FER and NER models up to 2,500 cfm’s can also be used for fresh air requirements where system air handlers don’t address such needs. If standard models aren’t able to deliver the temperature rise needed for a specific climate condition, custom units are available in a multitude of Kw and 3-phase voltage configurations.

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.