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Plenum Heaters

Thermolec Plenum Heater Model HPX

The HPX Modulating Plenum Heater is advanced technology ideal for dual-fuel/ hybrid HVAC systems. Hybrid systems that utilize an air source heat pump with an HPX plenum heater can provide up to 50% savings on annual heating costs compared to conventional forced air heating systems. The HPX plenum heater maximizes an air source heat pump’s efficiency and savings by modulating it’s output and providing additional btu’s as needed on colder days, allowing the heat pump to operate even below the comfort balance point. HPX works with any air source heat pump and/or gas furnace.

"HPX can be used with a heat pump or four wire stat"

Thermolec Plenum Heater Model Standard

Thermolec Plenum Heaters are the best way to convert a new or existing fossil fuel furnace into a clean, safe, convenient and economical dual fuel heating system. Dual fuel heating systems allow you to heat your home with electricity at low-cost off-peak rates. The system automatically switches between electricity and fossil fuel to significantly reduce winter heating bills. It uses the furnace fan to move air across the plenum heater elements to heat your home. Both the fossil fuel furnace and the electric plenum heater utilize the same thermostat, minimizing installation cost. The system is automatically controlled by the utility company’s load management or time of use control.

"Thermolec plenum heaters require 40 cfm per kW airflow"

What is a Plenum Heater?

A plenum heater is simply an electric duct heater with a built-in electronic controller used in duel fuel heating systems installed in homes. In many parts of the US, electric utilities’ offer duel fuel programs that are part of an overall strategy to control power usage and avoid peaks periods that are costly to manage and significantly strain their power grids. Duel fuel programs offer homeowners significantly reduces electric rates for heating their homes; using primarily an electric plenum heater to heat and having a fossil fuel back-up heating system (either a gas or oil furnace) also capable of heating the living space. Based on local electric rates, and especially in areas where natural gas is not available, a plenum heater can often save on heating bills while giving the homeowner the peace of mind of having two options for heating their homes, either electric or fossil fuel. In most cases, homes with duel fuel heating systems are most often heating with their electric plenum heater.

Installed in the plenum above a fossil fuel furnace’s AC-Coil, the plenum heater uses the furnace blower/fan to distribute the heated air as it passes through the electric coils. The controller in the plenum heater is the heating system’s “control center”, capable of switching from electric to fossil fuel heat; utilities electronically send out a signal to the plenum heater that automatically switches the heating mode to the fossil fuel furnace. In addition, a manual switch on the plenum heater also allows the homeowner to choose either the electric or the fossil fuel heating option in order to use the lowest Btu heat source available at the time.

Thermolec Electric Plenum Heaters – the Perfect Fit for Dual-Fuel Electric Utility Programs

Both the HPX and STD Plenum Heater models offer the following features and benefits:

  • Open coil heating elements: only 40 cfm per kW minimum airflow requirement, 50% less than competitive brands!  Lower airflow requirements mean less chance of high limiting and longer element life.
  • Ten-year warranty on nickel-chrome open coil elements, the longest lasting element available
  • Baffles supplied to direct airflow over coils and avoid overheating
  • Vertical and horizontal models are available. All vertical models can be used for either upflow or downflow furnaces.
  • Models are available in sizes up to 30 kW and custom sizes and three-phase voltage options are also available
  • Automatic and manual reset cut-outs are built-in to prevent the unit from overheating.
  • Mode selector switch can be manually set to select fossil fuel or electric heat, giving the homeowner the ability to select the most economical heating option.

Thermolec Electric Plenum Heaters – the EP Sales Connection

If you’re looking for a plenum heater for your job, EP Sales is here to help provide the products when needed. We carry a large selection of Thermolec plenum heaters in our warehouse in Bloomington, MN and our highly trained staff can help contractors select the unit that will perfectly suit the application needs. And if you’re in need of parts and/or accessories, EP Sales has inventory on-hand for HVAC technicians so the plenum heater you are servicing is quickly back in operation, providing the necessary heat for a cold winter’s day. Our staff offer various levels of support, from technical expertise to assisting in locating information on off-peak and dual fuel programs in areas throughout the US.  We can be reached from 8-5 pm Central Time Monday through Friday or leave us a message and we’ll return your call in a timely manner.

EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.