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Steam Humidifiers

Thermolec Acu-Steam Humidifiers

Thermolec Acu-Steam humidifiers are the most dependable and easiest to maintain steam humidifiers on the market. Acu-Steam will tolerate a variety of water conditions. Its unique design includes self-cleaning elements enclosed in a quick-release stainless steel tank, eliminating the need to buy costly replacement tanks. Element and tank carry a 10 year warranty. A pressure switch is included as a standard feature, assuring that steam is not introduced into the ductwork if the system fan has failed. Three sizes cover from 13 to 37 gallons per day.

“Acu-Steam eliminates the need for annual replacement parts"

Thermolec Split-Steam Humidifiers

Split-Steam Humidifiers are specifically designed for applications without ductwork. An Acu-steam unit is paired with a wall mounted, fan powered steam distribution module providing an effective way to maintain humidity in ductless applications. The distribution module’s low profile faceplate is all that’s exposed on the finished wall. This 13 gallon per day unit can be located anywhere that there’s electricity, water and a drain.

"The simplest solution to good humidification without ductwork"

“WARNING: the technical information provided on this website is for qualified HVAC technicians only.  High voltage equipment/appliances can cause serious injury or death if proper precautions aren’t used while servicing said products.”

AcuSteam sizing chart with example
New Wire Harness Bulletin 4.3.18
AcuSteam Solenoid Valve Rubber Stub IInsert Replacement Procedure
AcuSteam Solenoid Valve Cleaning Tear Down


Why Install a Steam Humidifier?

Proper humidification is one of the most critical indoor air quality considerations in any home. Ideal humidification (generally accepted to be between 35-40%) means a healthier indoor environment for people. It keeps furnishings such as wood flooring, furniture, musical instruments, paintings and collectibles from self-destruction. Steam humidifiers lower heating bills(the set temperature can be 2 degrees cooler to attain the same level of comfort). The steam humidifiers also cut down on dust and eliminate static electricity. Standard flow-through humidifiers have major shortcomings such as significant water waste (up to 50 gals a day!), require a heat call from the furnace in order to activate and are viewed by many in the industry as ineffective performers. Flow-through humidifiers have pads that water and air flow through and are contaminant traps for mold, bacteria and viruses which eventually get dispersed into a home via the HVAC system. Conversely, steam humidifiers humidify with sterile steam, are available in larger capacities, effectively humidify more quickly and do not require a call for heat to activate. They have minimal water waste and effectively humidify with lower temperature output heat pumps. Bottom line, it’s like comparing apples and oranges on the basis of which makes the best apple juice!

Why Choose Thermolec Acu-Steam Humidifiers?

Thermolec steam humidifiers are made with the most durable components available; the same components used in commercial grade steam humidifiers.  Described as construction grade, Acu-Steam key components are made out of high grade stainless steel (tank reservoir, water supply tube, siphon tube and steam diffusers).  In addition, built-in dual safety features, not even considered by competitive brands, and a flushing/drainage function that can be adjusted to the hardness of a home’s water are standard on all Acu-Steam models.  We encourage comparisons to other brands.  We think you’ll choose Thermolec Acu-Steam.

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Stainless Steel Tank – durable and serviceable, no need for annual replacement
  • Incoloy Heating Element – self-cleaning and long-lasting elements with a 10 year warranty
  • Air Proving Switch – unit will not operate without the furnace blower operating
  • Easy Installation – unit can mount on a remote wall or on the furnace return duct drop
  • Commercial Grade Steam Hose – 4 ft hose included with various hose extension kits available
  • Adjustable Flush Cycles – based on water hardness, removes suspended minerals via siphoning, avoids dealing with problematic drain valves
  • Ductless System Option – Split-Steam models deliver steam via a fan module located in the living space for homes without furnace ductwork
  • Optional Digital Room or Duct Stats – or simply use existing thermostat with humidistat connections
EP Sales maintains a large inventory of Thermolec and Greentek products and parts to service the needs of our customers.